Privacy Policy

This website is not operated solely by Moshi Soft but also this website is under the ownership and possession of Moshi Soft, under legal compliances; it is to be ensured by the company that privacy of every visitor is protected by the company, for that assurance company has necessary steps.

Collection of the data

• Whenever a visitor visits the web-site company collects certain data, the collection of that certain data is uninformed to the visitor that owns that data; uninformed data includes the browser, IP address and geographical location of the visitor. it helps us to know about the interests of each users ,accordingly track them or maintain cookies
• However if a visitor contact us via any medium (call or email) or subscribe the web-site, we take some personal identity information, this information is detected automatically .This information is not shared to any 3rd party unless in certain situation; sharing information is unlawful.
• Company might use this information to lead surveys or for making offers according to interest of subscriber but subscriber can unsubscribe

Information security

• Company has certain strategies for safe handling of data ,for security measures company uses fire walls which not only ensure the safe transfer of data but also keep it safe in work place

Third Parties

• The website of Moshi Soft may or may not have links, company does not take any responsibility of feasibility of their terms and policies of those links, so visitor visit those links on their own risk.

Change in policies

• These policies are subject to time and condition and can be change any time, to be update visitor must visit time to time.